Hygiene Visits

Your Gum Health is just as important as your teeth health as your gums support the teeth to hold them in place. At Glasgow Dental Centre, our hygienist works as part of the dental team to care for and help you to maintain your oral health. They diagnose and treat gum disease using preventive, educational and therapeutic methods.

What Happens in a hygiene visit?
Our Hygienist will check the health of the gums by looking around your mouth with a small mirror and measuring probe.

They will then record their findings and create a bespoke hygiene treatment plan to suit the individual patient.

Treatment then begins!! The hygienist will use a special cleaning tool to clean around and between the teeth to remove any hardened plaque and tartar.

The hygienist will also give you professional advice on how to keep on top of your oral health and show you different aids in which to help with this. The aids are also available to purchase from our reception!

To book your hygiene visit with us please call 0141 554 6187